I am A Video Game Addict Working Towards the Ultimate High

I love video games so much, but I can’t remember the last time I really got into a video game. It may have been Bad Company 2. But I have watched several versions of my favorite games come and go. That is because I have this addiction under control, after a long, destructive battle. I lost a lot of time in the pursuit of my education to video games. I did manage to graduate and eventually go to work in my field, and the problem, though greatly lessoned, was still with me. Not until about 3 years ago did I get it fully under control.

I work at home now so my video game addiction is potentially very harmful. The stakes are higher now, especially now that I have a wife and a house. So I got serious and I think I am going to stay in full control as long as I need to. I am using my video game energy to propel me towards the Ultimate Video Game High. I will explain.

I am working on creating software that will enable me to quit my job. I have multiple projects going that I think have a lot of potential, but I’m not foolish enough to think that I have some special ability to pick a winner. So I am working on as many as I think I have time for. Maybe one of the projects I have now will be successful, maybe I’ll have to work through 20 more. But I am sure that eventually I will succeed and I will have enough income generated by computers that work for me that I could quit my job.

I am compelled towards this goal in part by my video game addiction because it is the only feasible pathway towards the Ultimate Video Game High: unlimited time to play video games completely guilt free. Starting in college, or maybe high school, video games can never be enjoyed without at least a little guilt. There is always something better you could be doing.

But if I work hard and become financially independent, and suddenly I don’t have to work any more, there is literally nothing better that I could be doing with my time. The lottery won’t work here, it has to be earned. The first day I don’t have to work I am going to get all of the latest games and play them until I sick of them.  Even if it takes months. And I am going to get some cocaine.

And now you other video game addicts are realizing that I am right. The ultimate high can only be realized in the state of having nothing better to do and nothing to ever threaten to cut your playing time short. It is the ultimate high, and it lasts as long as you want it to. And now the wheels are turning and you are coming up with ideas. Maybe you too will seek the Ultimate High. Find me when you do and we will establish a club strictly for those who have experienced it, and continue to at our discretion. Or we will join the one that is already, if there is one that we aren’t told about.

Life Is A Comical Game of One-Upsmanship.

Between self-replicating molecules.  It started out very simple, then cells were invented, then multi-cell combos, and so on and so forth. It’s reminiscent of a scene from a cartoon where adversaries continue to produce larger and more outrageous weapons from their pockets in rapid alternating succession. Only a lot less rapid. Think on this and you

I really enjoyed World’s Greatest Dad

Also I watched GI Joe Rise of Cobra last night and it was all kinds of terrible. I still haven’t decided whether the way they committed larceny against Star Wars was just terrible or worthy of some kind of respect for their brashness. I look forward to the next installation in the series. I don’t

Spare the Nerves by Preventing Noise

It is thus possible to decorate for quietness as well as building for the same cardinal hygienic virtue which is too commonly overlooked. The introduction of sound absorbing materials will help, but cannot compensate for the noise telegraphing construction of many houses built without consideration of the fact that human beings, as well as the

We Are All Delusional

Every one of us has a separate point of view. They are all different. What’s the justification for calling any one of them “reality”? There is no standard for comparison. Some are more similar than others, but that’s hardly the same thing as right. Reality is whatever you find in common with the person you are

At Long Last, The Sock Drawer Has Been Subdued

I regained control of my sock drawer tonight. It has been a struggle but I now have control and I don’t intend to give it up. Sometime last year I embarked on a bold experiment. I had a theory that it would be better to put all clean socks into the drawer unsorted, and save the

List of Tapping Machines for Impact Isolation Class Measurement

I am attempting to create the most complete list of acoustic tapping machines for impact isolation class (IIC) testing. Please let me know if you know of any I’m missing. Acoustic Associates Brüel & Kjær 3207 Brüel & Kjær 3204 Norsonic NR277 Norsonic 211A BSWA Tech TM003 Cesva MI005 Lookline EM 50 GeoNoise TM002 01dB Mac001

Notice: “On Four” is the New Standard For Cooperative Efforts

Starting now, the new standard of counting for the purposes of synchronizing ad-hoc human cooperative efforts is “On four.” The previous standard, “On three,” suffered from ineffeciency due to the unfortunate existence of two separate sub-standards, both referred to by the same name. This necessitated clarifying which interpretation of the standard was to be used

Dogs and People Are Co-Evolving Towards Symbiosis

Every generation, dogs have a stronger desire to please people. We select against aggressive or disobedient dogs because we usually choose to breed the dogs we like most. Their species is already fairly dependant on us, but would still be able to function alone should we turn all the dogs loose tomorrow. Eventually, though, their natural

New Holiday Proposal: LUCA Day, January 2nd

I have an idea for a new holiday. This will be a holiday for every living thing on the planet. On LUCA Day, we will all pay our respects to the Last Universal Common Ancestor, also known as the Last Universal Ancestor. The LUCA is the ancestor of every thing that has lived on Earth